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Daniel, a Dev

How good ideas win at Sortable

This is a behind-the-scenes look at how good ideas win at Sortable. It’s messy, divergent and a good reflection of what it’s like to work at a tech scaleup!


Michael, a dev co-op

A day in the life of a Sortable developer Co-op

I’m a software developer co-op at Sortable, and this is my fourth co-op term.


Shannon, a dev

A day in the life of a Sortable developer

I’m a software developer at Sortable and tech lead of the Ad Demand dev group.


Some Sortableeps in their natural habitat

On diversity, bias and decision-making

Biased language: how an algorithm revealed gender preference on Sortable posted jobs


Robots plotting a revolution

Multi-armed Bayesian Bandits

Imagine that you are presented with a row of slot machines, each configured to win at a different (but unknown to you) rate. How can you efficiently learn which are worth playing?


People at a Startups & Beer event

Our Spark cluster setup

Running our own Spark cluster has proved to be a valuable experience for us.


Sortableeps having lunch

BRIN indexes in Postgres 9.5

We recently had a chance to explore one of Postgres 9.5’s new features: block range indexes.


Fuzzy and incomprehensible graph on a whiteboard.

Rolling up lint.

Our experience making linting into a standard part of our build.


The hiring committee staring awkwardly at each other

How we hire: A roundtable discussion

Hiring is hard. We assembled our engineering hiring committee — senior developers Mark, Colin, Graeme, and Steven — for an open discussion on what goes on behind the scenes when you apply for a position at Sortable.


Office scene with Rubik's cube

Spark Performance: Is the DirectParquetOutputCommitter really better?

Why can the DirectParquetOutputCommitter be more efficient? How much more efficient? Are there any downsides?


Steven explaining something

Compromising with legacy code: an anecdote

Last year I was making a change to some of our legacy code and learned a bit about sacrificing technical correctness for other, less technical, goals in the process.


Sampling Profiler in Bash

Building a sampling profiler with 30-year-old technology

What if you need to diagnose this performance issue in a non-invasive manner? I recently found myself in this situation. Here’s my solution: a sampling profiler.


Spark Performance Optimization

Improving Spark performance with repartitioning

One of the tricks that we’ve found to improve performance of Spark jobs is to change the partitioning of our data. We’ll illustrate how this can help with a simple example.


An excerpt from the Scala language spec

Why you can't always flatMap to Option

A little while ago, something that had always worked for me in Scala suddenly didn’t work. Here’s what happened.